Road traffic noise

Road traffic noise is far and away the most frequently quoted cause of noise complaints in Germany. Despite enormous progress in noise reduction, particularly in heavy traffic, the increasing amount of traffic in particular has partly offset the success in noise abatement. This is why the focus of noise abatement has recently been placed on low-noise road surfaces which are increasingly being used in inner-city areas. However, innovative and holistic aspects of the stabilisation of traffic flow or avoidance of traffic by alternative means of transport (local public transport, bike) have been enjoying increasing attention in noise action plans.

The scope of our services

Feasibility studies and basic investigations concerning road traffic noise
Calculation and assessment of traffic noise for preliminary planning, planning permission and execution
Forecasting and monitoring construction-related noise and vibrations in road building projects
Planning of passive noise protection measures
Overall noise observations


Motorway Directorate South Bavaria
A3: Regensburg AK Regensburg – Rosenhof
A8 east: Rosenheim to Achenmühle, Bergen, Reichhausen-Vogling
A8 west: Dasing-Augsburg West
A9: Munich Freimann-Garching
A92: Feldmoching-Neufahrn
A99: Motorway ring Munich east

Motorway Directorate North Bavaria
A3: Aschaffenburg-Hösbach

State Capital Munich
Middle Ring South-West
Noise map Munich (2005)
Northern bypass Pasing

City of Augsburg
B 17 – West bypass Augsburg,
Eastern bypass Augsburg – AIC 25 new
Rebuilding Königsplatz

City of Regensburg
Development of Nordgaustraße, passive noise protection

State Construction Office Freising
B 388 a Ismaning
B 301 north-eastern bypass Freising

State Construction Office Augsburg
B 17 Stadtbergen
B 300 Dasing-Aichach

State Construction Office Landshut
B 20 Landau a.d. Isar
B 15 Ergolding

State Construction Office Passau
B 20 Eggenfelden