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Our team has been instrumental in developing the current state of research for many years now. In collaboration with universities and other specialist disciplines such as social sciences and medicine, we are researching many areas of acoustics, noise effect and vibrations.
We especially devote our energies to the effect of traffic noise on people, specifically road and rail traffic. By asking those affected, limit and guide values are determined and analysed compared to measurements of noise pollution “in the field”. If this is not possible in the field, laboratory experiments allow a suitable realisation which is shown by our investigations of dose-response relationships at the Institute for Human-Machine Communication in Munich.
Another focus of our research work is the purely technically-oriented investigations into sound emissions of car parks, railways and tramways, the forecasting models for vibrations that we develop or the varied work in standards committees for acoustics. Our office is also significantly involved in the update to the guideline to calculate noise emissions of rail traffic routes.
The results of our research and development work are published in numerous specialist publications and lectures.

The scope of our services

Vibrations: Forecasting models for rail traffic

Noise effect research: Field studies and laboratory studies, surveys on the nuisance factor of air traffic noise, rail and road traffic noise.

Update of fundamental study of parking area noise

Update of Schall 03 by measurement, calculations and writing regulations

Involvement in standards committees


Bavarian Environmental Protection Agency
Parking area noise study
Noise emissions from suburban train rail tracks
Speed restrictions on motorways

German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
Research plan, method to determine efficiency of active and passive noise control

German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development
Noise emissions from tramways
Update of acoustic calculation guidelines for noise remediation and noise prevention on railways

DB Netz AG
Interdisciplinary field and laboratory studies on the effect of rail and road traffic noise

Noise-abating measures for noise caused when travelling around bends in shunting yards
analytical procedure for vibration forecasting
Update of Schall 3
KP II (recovery package II) measures

German Federal Railway Authority
EU – Environmental Noise Directive VBUSCH
Support in implementing procedure CNOSSOS-EU

Gemeinnützige Umwelthaus GmbH
Acoustical part in the noise effect study NORAH
Noise-related annoyance, cognition and health study

German Federal Environment Agency
Technical and scientific support in transposing EU Environmental Noise Directive into national law
Test cases for quality assurance of sound imissions software
Literature review on the state of research on contrast in noise nuisance road – rail
Feasibility study on effect of infrasound