Monitoring and environmental construction supervision...

…are important instruments for situation analysis, preservation of evidence and avoidance of conflict. The execution and monitoring of compliance with emission restrictions can bring real added value for companies and building projects through corresponding operational and building site management, alarm chains and quotas as well as protect against potential damage. Environmental building monitoring in accordance with Annex 1 of the EBA environmental guidelines part VII for emission control (noise, vibration, dust and other material emissions) and the regular provision of an emission control official for building projects by our office is a key focus of our activities in the monitoring sector. Due to our practical experience in operating partly permanent measuring stations over several years including video recordings, we can offer you an individual monitoring service.
Our office can offer you tailor-made services for issues in the field of monitoring.

The scope of our services

Individual consulting, selection of an ideal monitoring concept for the particular task (from regular spot checks to permanent monitoring).
Establishment and ongoing operation of measurement stations, real time online monitoring, trigger thresholds and alarm notifications (texts, e-mail) or external online access for maximum transparency.
Provision of an emission control official in accordance with Annex 1 of the EBA environmental guidelines part VII for emission control (noise, vibration, dust and other material emissions) for environmental building monitoring.
We have several multi-channel measurement stations (2 to 16 channels) available to carry out the above-mentioned services which reflect state-of-the-art technology.
Development of monitoring systems for specific tasks (e.g. triangulated correlation measurements for source localisation)


Construction noise monitoring


ADAC: Construction noise monitoring new building ADAC Head Office
Deutsche Bahn AG: Construction noise monitoring Loisachhang S 7, railway bridge Flintsbach
HVB: Construction noise monitoring measurement “Fünf Höfe” in Theatinerstraße
Arge Ingenieurbau underground station Moosach: Construction noise monitoring starting shaft Bunzlauer Straße
Bayerische Versorgungskammer (Bavarian chamber for social benefits and pensions): Construction noise monitoring Arabellastraße Munich for several years





Environmental construction monitoring emission control/
Emission control official

Upgrade project in area of Pfaffenhofen, PA 31 M2 of railway line upgrade Ingolstadt – Munich
Railway line upgrade 38 Munich – Mühldorf – Freilassing, dual track expansion in section Altmühldorf – Tüßling, PA01 and PA02
Expansion of suburban railway station Munich-Lochhausen
Expansion and rail plan adjustment of suburban railway station Tutzing
Dismantling with gap closure at Landau station (planning approval)
Modernisation Filzenexpress, BA1, conversion of  Steinhöring station to a junction station, route 5710 Grafing-Wasserburg
Change to  Wasserburg station and change (expansion) of parking capacity for traction vehicles, route 5700 Rosenheim – Plisting
Building projects  Pocking station, route 5832 Passau – Neumarkt-St.Veit