Noise-imission control

We bring noise under control

In individual projects, obtaining building permits plays a key role. Possible noise conflicts can be recognized early and avoided beforehand by technical or organisational measures:
Acoustic assessment as part of the approval procedure
Consulting in acoustic facility planning and restoration
Measurements for inventory and acceptance measurements in accordance with BimSchG – German Federal Emission Control Act.
Measurement of noise emissions of wind turbines
Continuous monitoring of noise emitters with event detection by sound and image recordings
Planning, limitation and monitoring of sound systems with regard to noise control

In the area of urban development planning, we can assess and overcome noise conflicts for you. We can also offer you advice on weighing up various issues, can accompany you for agreement or pre-agreement with supervisory authorities and can supply you with proposed texts for statutes and justifications of urban plans.

We prepare acoustic assessments on
acoustic compatibility in the context of preparatory urban development planning (land-use plan, master plan)
Noise emissions from industrial sites, sport and leisure sites and traffic
Concepts on how to overcome noise conflicts
Avoidance of facility noise conflicts by a noise quota attribution system
Contributions to environmental assessment in the areas of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic fields
Acoustic and vibrational consulting in urban planning competitions

The scope of our services

Preparation of noise emission and conflict plans

Interdisciplinary noise abatement concepts for action planning

Communicating noise abatement issues between those affected, authorities and specialist planners

We naturally have extensive measurement equipment available to carry out the above-mentioned services as well as state-of-the-art hardware and software.


State Capital Munich
Development plans Birketweg, Hirschgarten (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations)
Former Thalkirchen railway station (noise, odour)

Knorr-Bremse (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations)
Railway axis south (noise, vibrations),
Bajuwarenstraße (noise)
Ackermannbogen (noise)
Former Funkkaserne
Development area Paul-Gerhardt-Allee
Environment study Olympiapark
Messestadt Riem
Noise abatement plans
Land-use plan railway axis main station – Laim – Pasing

City of Augsburg
Development plan south of Zobelstraße
East of Sanderstraße
Freight centre
476/I and 476/II former loading yards

City of Dachau
, Obermoosschwaige
Udldinger Weiher Nord

Municipality of Aschheim
Industrial estate south of Eichendorffstraße

Municipality of Vaterstetten
Development plan south-west of north-east bypass (noise, odour)
Development plan south of railway line (noise, vibrations)

Town of Wendlingen am Neckar
Development plan Behr-Areal

Construction noise
ADAC: Construction noise monitoring new building ADAC Head Office
Deutsche Bahn AG: Construction noise forecast Loisachhang S 7, railway bridge Flintsbach
HVB: Construction noise monitoring measurement “Fünf Höfe” in Theatinerstraße
Arge Ingenieurbau underground station Moosach: Construction noise forecast starting shaft Bunzlauer Straße
Siemens AG: Construction noise measurement Siemens site Hofmannstraße in Munich
City of Augsburg: Construction noise measurement road tunnel Theodor-Wiedemann-Straße in Augsburg
DB Projektbau: Construction noise measurement new track Munich – Ingolstadt high-speed railway, Offenbau tunnel
Bayerische Versorgungskammer (Bavarian chamber for social benefits and pensions): Construction noise monitoring Arabellastraße Munich

Company sites
Texas Instruments GmbH, Conceptual design for noise abatement measures at Freising site
Holzwerke Pröbstl, Conceptual design for noise abatement measures in Asch
Jodquellen AG Bad Tölz, long-term acoustic support of construction and expansion measures of Alpamare (leisure and wave pool)
TSV Gersthofen, new building of sports facilities
Wind turbines