Light emissions

Light can be harmful too

To enable us to see well, an adequate level of brightness (lighting level) is essential.  A uniform lighting level leads to fewer accidents, increases people’s sense of safety and protects against crime in the hours of darkness. Street lighting is also a key element of town design, accenting spaces and squares in the town and contributing to the quality of living or visiting such places.


However, light is also one of the emissions covered by the German Federal Emission Control Act: light emissions from artificial light sources can lead to a considerable nuisance to residential properties in the neighbourhood. Frequent sources of this are illuminated advertising, building lighting systems or floodlighting of sports fields. These can lead to annoying brightening of rooms or even to glare effects.


Sources with changing or flashing light intensity are particularly troublesome.
As part of plans (feasibility studies, conflict analyses), building planning and approval procedures of sites (industrial sites, leisure and sports facilities, infrastructure sites), we offer you our consulting service for the forecasting, rating, assessment and optimisation of artificial lighting sources.

The scope of our services

Measurement of emissions of artificial light sources, room brightening and glare effect in accordance with the instructions to measure, assess and reduce light emissions of the LAI and DIN 5032, part 7
Assessment of existing situation or initial level of lighting as factual finding
Simulation of exterior lighting situations with 3D dispersion models
Rating and optimising of light sources
Preparation of expert reports in context of approval procedures, environmental audits, development plans or in case of conflict
Shadow studies including the simulation of shadows cast by wind turbines



Photometric investigation of lighting situation at Viktualienmarket in Munich, local government department of state capital Munich, forecast of lighting system at sports field on building Gymasium Grünwald (grammar school), Grünwald municipality, review of status quo and forecast of lighting situation on building triple sports hall in Miesbach, district administration Miesbach
Photometric simulation / natural lighting Intel, Feldkirchen
Photometric simulation / natural lighting BV Görrestraße, Munich
Photometric simulation new building platform lighting at stations of Bruckmühl and Freilassing, DB AG


Shadow expert report BP 87/H for municipality of Kirchheim
Shadow studies for new building Stäblistraße, State Capital Munich building division
Shadow investigation Ratzinger Platz/Boschetsrieder Straße, State Capital Munich Planning Department
Shadow investigation development plan no. 1895 of State Capital Munich
Shadow investigation BV Clemensstraße, Munich
Shadow investigation BP 42, Markt Mittenwald
Shadow investigation BV Isabellestraße, Munich
Shadow investigation BV Herzogstraße, Munich