Air Pollutants

Keeping the air clean

In urban planning, i.e. especially for new and upgrade measures, the law stipulates that harmful environmental effects on areas designated for habitation and other vulnerable areas are to be avoided.

The legal definition of the existence of a harmful environmental effect is to be found in the “Twenty second German Federal Pollution Control Act” which is based on European guidelines.

The scope of our services

Calculating and assessing the effects of air pollutants on vulnerable areas located nearby

Proposing air pollutant protection measures and calculating their effectiveness


State Capital Munich
Development plans Birketweg, Hirschgarten (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations)
Development plan former Thalkirchen railway station (noise, smells)
Development plan Knorr-Bremse (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations)
Development plan railway axis south (noise, vibrations),
Development plan Bajuwarenstraße (noise)
Development plan Ackermannbogen (noise)
Development plan Aubing-Ost
Development plan former Funkkaserne
Development area Paul-Gerhardt-Allee
Environment study Olympiapark

Messestadt Riem
Noise abatement plans
Land-use plan railway axis main station – Laim – Pasing

City of Augsburg
Development plan, Engineering Campus (noise, electromagnetic fields, vibrations, pollutants)
Development area inner and central loading yards

City of Dachau
Development plan, Obermoosschwaige
Development plan, Udldinger Weiher Nord

Municipality of Aschheim
Industrial estate south of Eichendorffstraße

City of Neusäß
Expansion of gravel extraction area

Klaus Hoch- und Tiefbau
Expansion of gravel extraction area Königsbrunn