Moisture protection

Moisture is everywhere in buildings. It is not only present in building components but also in the air or it impacts the building from the outside e.g. in the form of rain.
It is often difficult to detect at first glance when moisture is harmless and when it can lead to damage. For example following insufficient dimensioning of insulation materials near component connections (so-called thermal bridges), condensation may form, or cellar walls may be soaked in the summer months due to incorrect ventilation. This often results in unsightly mildew stains or even the formation of mould.
Protection against condensation is closely connected to thermal insulation and should therefore always be optimised at the same time as the thermal insulation concept. Both winter and summer conditions need to be taken into account.

The scope of our services

Investigation of moisture transport in the building component in accordance with DIN 4108-2
Optimising moisture properties of individual building components and structures
Dimensioning and selection of suitable interior insulation systems for buildings with particular requirements
Implementation of hygric simulations using one- and two-dimensional methods


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