Room acoustics and sound system design

Acoustic quality and spatial acoustics through optimised room use

Depending on room use, there are different requirements for room-acoustic and electro-acoustic properties of the loudspeakers used. If rooms are used for language, the focus is on intelligibility, if a room is used for music, reflections increase the spatial impression and therefore the clarity of the music performance.

Our office can support you in the planning phase by drawing up a room and electro-acoustic concept to find ideal solutions for the intended use.

The scope of our services

Planning of acoustics in work, events and exhibition rooms

Noise reduction in production halls by deliberately influencing the reverberation time

Acoustic design of residential, working or assembly rooms with respect to speech intelligibility and acoustic quality

Computer aided simulations

Acoustic planning for rooms of all kinds e.g. concert halls, churches, multipurpose halls, recording studios and meeting rooms


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Senefelder School Treuchtlingen

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