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Model for overall noise assessment

The research report on the overall noise assessment has been published by the Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit. You can view the report here (german).


Contribution to the Internoise 2019

The 48th International Congress and Exhibition on Noise Control Engineering (Internoise 2019) to be held on 16 – 19 June 2019  at theIFEMA Palacio Municial. Madrid, Spain. Our contribution to the session PSYCHOACOUSTICS IN NOISE EVALUATION Wednesday, 19 June – Morning, will be:


Impact of noise optimized rail grinding on the annoyance of train passings
(Christine Huth, Geske Eberlei, Liepert Manfred, Thomas Kempinger)


New office space in Bamberg

The Bamberg branch of Möhler + Partner Ingenieure AG moved into a new office on 01.08.2018:



New branch in Wuppertal

Möhler und Partner AG now has a new branch office in Wuppertal:



New branch in Berlin

Möhler und Partner AG now has a new branch office in Berlin: